Welcome to my, Philipp’s or fiveop’s, website. This website is part online CV, part presentation platform for private projects and ideas, and part blog.

Some of the topics deserve their own page (see navigation), other topics are covered in brief on this page.

As for the own page deserving topics, I am

I like to do sports. Most of my youth, I spent the afternoons and evenings inline speed skating at Blau-Gelb Groß-Gerau. Later, when I went to university, I started to play Ultimate Frisbee. I played with whatever team happened to train close to where I was living; Forest Jump in Ilmenau, Ulmtimates in Ulm, Parkscheiben in Berlin, then Paradisco in Jena. Because of a knee injury, I stopped playing Ultimate Frisbee—truthfully, time constraints due to offspring made me stop playing regularly a few years earlier—and restrict myself to cycling—pulling two kids around in a trailer is a workout!—and body weight exercises.

There are a few activities I spend my spare time with: